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Castell de Les Sitjes
Fortalesa de Sant Ferran
Foto Castillo Hostalric
Castell de Les Sitjes
Fortalesa de Sant Ferran
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The Spanish Association of Friends of Castles (A.E.A.C) was founded in 1952 as a non-profit organization. Its object is the material and immaterial protection of castles, as well as ruins, towers, walls and the environment that surrounds all those buildings, meaning as such the ruins, towers, walls, walled cities, fortresses, residences with defensive elements, the castrum, the farmhouses and fortified houses, bunkers and anti-aircraft shelters, barracks – military buildings and disappeared buildings.

On December 22, 1966 the A.E.A.C. It was declared of Public Utility by the Council of Ministers and since 1976 S.S.M.M. the Kings hold the Honorary Presidency of the Association.

The first President of the A.E.A.C, the Marquis of Lozoya, found in D. Luis Monreal Tejada the great collaborator and promoter of the initiative in Barcelona, in Catalonia acts also under the name of “AMICS DELS CASTELLS DE CATALUNYA”. In this way, a few months after the foundation in Madrid, our Delegation in Barcelona was opened.

The AEAC, stimulates the study, knowledge and interest for our heritage, highlighting and propagating its importance, its traditional and historical range, the great value that they have at various levels and their symbolic meaning, so that their knowledge is promoted and facilitate with adequate means the research work.

We have 27 Provincial Delegations and more than 2,400 members distributed throughout the Autonomous Communities.

The Headquarters is located in Madrid under the Presidency of the Hon. Mr. Don Manuel Valentín-Gamazo and de Cárdenas. The delegation of Catalonia A.E.A.C. It is presided over by the Hon Mr. Dr. D. Ramón-Ricardo Vidal y Plana.


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