What we do


– Annual series of lectures: each year different lectures and seminars with high standard rapporteurs in the academic, literary, scientific or artistic world are held.

– Courses: At present, the President Mr. Borja de Querol, Lawyer and Graduate of Geography and History, is imparting a course of Nobility and Heraldry in cooperation with Mr. Pedro Serra Rosell, Architect and Vice-president of the Societat Catalana de Genealogía, Heràldica, Sigil.lografia, Vexil.lologia i Nobiliària (Catalan Society of Genealogy, Heraldry, Sigilography and Nobility).

– Shows and Forum films: showings of films or historical miniseries interesting for the Association are regularly organized, as well as projections of photographs of the tours and other events.

– Cultural tours: The Association organizes tours in Barcelona City involving all kinds of exhibitions, buildings, palaces or monuments.

– Excursions: The Association organizes one-day excursions to castles or manor houses, mainly in Catalonia. Apart from the usual excursions, some of them are specially planned for families with children, and others are also promoted by the Youth Section.

– Travels around Spain and abroad: each year some travels are organized both by the Barcelona Delegation and other Provincial Delegations, so as to visit castles and monuments of differents regions in Spain or in other European countries, sometimes lasting several days.

– Running Castle: RC is the annual sports event of the Delegation. It consists of a race in the surroundings of a castle or an ancient manor house. At the end of it, prizes are awarded to winners and an important lunch of the Association takes place.

– Social events and gala evening: social events are periodically organized, such as cocktails in Barcelona’s Central Office, so as to encourage socialization among members and share ideas and suggestions. Also, an evening gala is held every year before summer to celebrate the end of the course and to award medals to loyal members.

– National Day of Castles: It is the day when all Spanish Delegations meet, and each edition is held in a different city. Also, the award of annual prizes to the restoration, maintenance and recovery of heritage takes place.


– Specialized library with book lending service

– Legal advice on taxation and urban development matters, and on management of castles and monuments.

– Publications

–      Quarterly programme

–      Quarterly magazine CASTILLOS DE ESPAÑA

–      Magazine of Barcelona Delegation

– Files