Castell de Les Sitjes

  Monument data

Denomination: Castle of Sitges Comarca: La Segarra
Municipality: Torrefeta i Florejacs Neighborhood / Place: El caseriu de les Sitges
Period: Various, as a norm s. XIV Style Style: Romanic
Environment: Medium State of conservation: Good


Although the origin of the castle dates back to the 11th century, most of the preserved elements date back to the 15th century. At the moment, the building is formed by a stone cube of rectangular plant, with walls of slopes and rectangular plant donjon also.

It shows a warrior to the outside due to two main elements: at the top of the magnificent tower there are battlements. The wall is on the slope and retains some gaps, battlements with hooks and remains of a sentry box above the main gate.

The interior presents several stately rooms that make it up as a prototype of a Gothic castle-palace. The structure is organized around a central patio and revolves around the access tower, which preserves the primitive access at 8 meters from the ground.

On the ground floor is the cellar, the dungeons and some rooms for the kitchen, the oven and the stables. The first floor is the main one, facing south with large Renaissance windows with carved stone seats on each side.

On the second floor, where the old patrol road was located, there was a terrace facing south, bordered to the south by battlements and the yesera of the wall. Inside we find the Romanesque door to the tower and the stairs that allow us to reach the top, where there is a magnificent view of the flat of Lleida.